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4. Baby dies in the womb or during child birth. Does not turn. This could be very important because even if the baby is dead, it could show that newborns might not be infected. Ironically, the death of the baby could provide hope for humanity of a world without zombies.
Unless the zombie infection agent somehow prevents the birth of live babies even if it doesn't reanimate them, in which case the current generation would have to acknowledge that they will be the last humans ever.
True. That's another scenario. But I feel like if that were the case, the baby wouldn't have made it far enough to grow into a fetus.

Ya know, the thing is, someone in the post apocalyptic Walking Dead universe has probably given birth to a baby (or tried to) by now. Lori can't be the only pregnant woman around (And she isn't, as we know there at least one in woodberry)... So somewhere out there in Walking Dead Land must know what's up... I bet we'll find out soon. Perhaps Andrea (and the viewers at home) will find out from talking to people in Woodberry.
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