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Re: Star Wars The Clone Wars Season Five News and Discussion

Well, I loved this arc, and the entire serialized work of the series. The mortiss trilogy was some of the best Star Wars EVER. The nature of the serials remind me of classic Doctor Who, but without the cheesy cliffhangers on each episode.

The death plummet at the end of this ep, with Ahsoka acting rather cavalierly, certainly serves to advance her character into a direction that we cant guess at. Im excited to see where Filoni takes this.

Also, how on earth hasnt it been mentioned before now...but how will the sale of Lucasfilm affect Filoni and the rest of the Clone Wars subsidiary? I am hopeful that they can continue masterful storytelling such as this, mortiss, deathwatch, nightsisters, clonetroopers, and all the other serials. I know they've filmed through at least season 6, and Filoni mentioned that they have a plan through 10 seasons...KEEP IT GOING!
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