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Re: Neelix as the "break out character"

7: This activity is illogical.

Naomi: You will comply! (she's dressed as a Borg)

B'Elanna: When I was in the first grade the other kids asked if I was dressed as a turtle. The next year I brought pain sticks to the parade and after that my mother wouldn't let me participate in this human tradition.

Naomi, disappointed: I was sure you'd have some jelly worms..

Janeway: Oh come in Naomi, Halloween is it? I remember when I was a girl... blah blah blah.. and did you know that historically All Hallows Eve blah blah blah..

Naomi: Maybe I'll come back later, I've got a bit of a stomach ache.

Tuvok: Vulcan children observe a similar ritual, that of Kohl-ee-puff.

Naomi: Do the grown ups give them candy?


Do they dress up in costumes?

Tuvok: No.

Naomi: What is the Kohl-ee-puff?

Tuvok: A week long fast in which the child meditates on their fears and metaphorically banishes them with the aid of ritual chants.

Neelix: Well thank you Mr. Vulcan that was very enlightening, wasn't it Naomi?

Paris: I've used up all my replicator rations but I've got enough candy corn to fill a pillow case, here you go! I hope you've got the apple dunking set up in the mess hall Neelix!

Naomi, can't talk for grinning and chewing:

"Damnit Spock. God damnit!" Kirk ST:V
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Janeway does Melbourne
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