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Re: TNG: Immortal Coil by Jeffrey Lang Review Thread (Spoilers!)

I thought this was a beautifully written novel. Data's courtship of Rhea was fun, charming and fascinating to witness from Data's POV. Lang treats the reader to brilliant insight into the character of Data through his emotional exploration and unique inner thought processes. A favorite scene of mine from the book is the flashback to Soong's past that takes Data just a handful of milliseconds to experience.

My compliments to the author for creating such a marvelous character as Rhea and my thanks, in advance, to David Mack for the possibility of her turning up in his new trilogy (my fingers are crossed). But if she fails to make an appearance, I'll still be grateful to at least see this fine story built and expanded upon in his books.

This is the first Jeffery Lang Trek novel that I've ever read -- does he have any other Trek offerings worth checking out?
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