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Re: Is TOS the best sci-fi TV American series until 1985?

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Don't feel bad. I'm starting to feel that way about the whole damn forum. It seems I can't go into any of these boards without being automatically dismissed or ridiculed.

This place is supposed to be fun, but hasn't been for a while.
There's no reason to take different opinions personally. These threads are for discussion, and good discussion usually flows from opposing viewpoints.

I've read back through this entire thread and I really don't see anything that constitutes "ridicule". As long as posters continue to express their thoughts without getting personal, it's all good.

The forum would be quite boring if no one ever disagreed.

Oh I wasn't referring to this thread. You're right, this one has been civil. I was referring more to my experiences in both Misc and The Netural Zone (and yeah, the rules there are different, I know, but some posters geti way out of line down there for no reason at all).

I have seen it creep into other areas around here from time to time though, and some comments go WAAAAY beyond simple disagreement.
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