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Re: Dexter and what he does.

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D&D (pre 4.0) would likely have him as Lawful Evil. As in he, largely, obeys the law except when it conflicts with his views in which case he does "evil" things.
Lawful Neutral (with strong Good tendencies as he matures during the season). He is in no way evil; that implies a certain type of intent with one's behavior. A tiger isn't evil when it mauls its stalks and kills its prey, whether its an antelope or a zoo keeper who makes a fatal mistake in his care and handling of the animal.

No, Dexter is an inherently good person, and he follows a very strong code of ethics to help him advance the cause of good. Sometimes he lapses, sometimes he makes mistake, but his goal is actually a noble one. It's just one that doesn't abide by the laws of the land (which has nothing to do with he Lawful alignment, which is more about discipline and structure, which Dexter has in spades).

The only reason he isn't actually Lawful Good is because he does enjoy what he does to a certain extent and he does kill innocents when they risk exposing him, ala victims like Doakes. But even enjoying the kill isn't enough to make him evil anymore than it is for a Paladin who enjoys slaughtering of zombie hordes in the name of his god.

But in the end, how is he really different from the legal system? It finds its evil-doers, it judges them based on their own codes of conduct, and then if deemed unreedemable, they are executed and disposed of. That's exactly what Dexter does; he just has his own code rather than the American legal system.
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