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Re: Why Not A Starfleet Ships Chaplain As A Main Character?

John Mason wrote: View Post
This is starfleet not the Royal/U.S Navy.
Starfleet has alway had a relationship with the Royal Navy as it was during the days of sail centuries ago. An organization that engaged in national defense, global exploration, protection of trade, and support of colonies.

How isn't that Starfleet?

If someone needs religion they don't need a priest/chaplain
Whether a chaplain was needed (or not) would be up to individuals and groups. Whether Starfleet would provide one is a question. A chaplain would be there to administer various religious rites. For some on board, to hear their confession and offer absolution. Could a councilor do this? Not all religion is do it yourself.

In the occasionally violent world of Star Trek, the chaplain could be there to perform last rites, or it's equivalent for other faiths.

Part of a Starfleet chaplain official duties might be to agree to be a willing vessel for the Katra of any Vulcans on board.

I would have thought we were beyond such nonsense
Hardly nonsense, and hopefully neither we, nor others from beyond Earth, will ever be "beyond it."

chardman wrote: View Post
Occultist as a main character
A friend of mine in the building where I live is a Pagan (lot's of Pagans in Seattle). One of my cousins is a Wiccan. If either was the trained chaplain aboard the starship to which I was assigned, I would have no problem going to either of them for my Christian practices.

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