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Re: Impact on Star Trek as Disney reboot Star Wars.

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serenitytrek1 wrote:
Star Wars 2015 may be the same thing.
Not really, unless they decide to introduce time travel.
I see your point. Star Wars hardly does time travel since it is not really sci-fi. However they always have that Jedi ghost stuff. I can see Luke Skywalker coming back as a ghost to warn our new Jedis of another intergalactic threat. Thankfully Vulcan’s like TOS Spock don’t need to be ghosts they just live longer and can use a black or worm hole to travel back in time and warn our space explorers of the same threat.

Another reason why I favour trek over wars at times, I tend to enjoy potential science hypothesis like worm/black holes brought to life in a sci—fi film than ghost and spirits running around.
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