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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

There's no reason to cancel The Clone Wars, which is getting strong ratings. Maybe let it run through the planned S5 and use it as a jumping off point to a new animated series on DisneyXD. Assuming Ahsoka survives the end of TCW, she'd be the ideal main character for a post-ROTS series. Iger's statements sound like he wants to make use of everything that makes sense from the Star Wars universe, on TV and movies.

But I'm sure he'd see nuBSG as being too adult for the Disney image, or the Star Wars image as he sees it. nuBSG is not "family friendly," if for no other reason than that it's too complex for young children. Complexity is more the issue than violence. Kids watched their hero Luke blow up a Death Star full of poor imperial draftees and that wasn't considered too violent for their impressionable young minds.

PS, I'm losing track of what has or hasn't been quoted here already vs the five other threads going at the same time. Here's the video where Iger calls it a "family franchise":

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