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Re: Impact on Star Trek as Disney reboot Star Wars.

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First of all,let me start by saying that I have no doubt in my mind that Star Trek 2009 is at least better than star wars episode 1,2,3 and 6.

However, Our precious star wars has grown stale and is going to get a reboot like Star Trek thanks to Disney. Many star wars fans are already saying JJ Abrams or Chris Nolan should direct the new star wars film.

How about Micheal Bay?

I know many people including myself are fans of Trek and Wars. So how do you guys think the new star wars films will impact the future of Star Trek movies?

A trek fan on IMDB believes that Paramount will have no choice but to push Trek even more into summer blockbuster territory if that's even possible.

(If he is right, I suggest Paramount ditch the obsessive secrecy and start giving Trek more Media exposure soon and fast)

It is no secret that the 09 Film was heavily influenced by star wars. JJ doesn’t deny this and yes it eliminated many core trek fans that hate star wars.

I hope this time around Nu-Star Trek does the influence on Nu-Star Wars .

If I remember correctly JJ Trek is suppose to be a trilogy. So am guessing by the time the third trek film is out in 2016 or 2017, a new star wars film will have been released in 2015.

Do you guys think a star wars reboot will be as good as star trek 2009? This is of course from a critical point of view as star wars unlike star trek has nevered suffered commercially.
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