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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

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I believe the issue with Star Wars: Underworld was that they didn't think they could budget it for television.
Rather, Lucas didn't think it could be produced the way he wanted on a television budget. Which is frankly pretty silly, and the mindset of a man so used to getting everything the way he wants it that he's forgotten that television production is the art of compromise. If you can't afford to make it the way you want, you change it so it's affordable! That's how every other TV producer does it. Heck, the original 1977 Star Wars was produced on a shoestring budget compared to its sequels and especially to its prequels. Lucas used to know how to adapt creatively to a low budget, and if he were still the savvy producer he was then, as opposed to the spoiled, self-indulgent corporate monarch he's become, we would've had the live-action SW show on the air years ago.

So now that Lucas has stepped aside and turned the reins over to others, the odds of actually seeing SW: Underworld on the air have just gotten much better.
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