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Re: Impact on Star Trek as Disney reboot Star Wars.

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Disney have already announced that they are NOT rebooting Star Wars, but continuing it with Episodes VII, VIII and IX, with a new film every 2 years starting in 2015.

2015 may be the year Star Trek XIII arrives (or 2016 to coincide with Trek's 50th anniversary), which may be the end of Bad Robot's association with the franchise. So the future of TV/film Trek past that is anyone's guess.
Trek has a history of reacting to Star Wars (The Phase II pilot being remade into the first Trek film, the prequel series Enterprise after The Phantom Menace etc), so whatever direction SW VII takes may dictate what Trek does next.

Also this would be best suited to the Future of Trek forum.

Reboot and continuation sometimes are the same thing.09 trek was suppose to be a reboot but it could also be seen as a continuation as the original time line , thanks to Spock Prime played an important role in the 09 film which is set in an alternate reality.

Star Wars 2015 may be the same thing. Episode 7 might have a brand new set of characters and brand new story however they might bring back one original character from the first 6 movies to guide the new cast/characters like Nimoy’s Spock prime.
So you see...Star Trek may have the influence on Star Wars this time around.

However you made a valid point when you said star trek always react to star wars. Take the first star trek film, that film won’t have happen if not for a new hope.

I am still rooting of JJ’s Trilogy if he manages to direct a third film. JJ Abrams Trek has every potential to be put in the same ranks as the lord of the rings and the original star wars trilogy.

Most star wars fans are kind of depressed as they believe that Disney might turn star wars into some kids bubblegum light hearted action stuff. Good thing is, I can never see Star Trek going that far not even when they try. Star Trek has always maintained its intellectually and maturity in comparison to other franchises.

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