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Re: Star Wars Episode 7 - 2015

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I would actually not be surprised if Lucas tries to do complete CGI versions of Luke, Han, Leia, etc., and gets the original actors doing the voices again.
Why go to all the trouble of creating CGI characters just to have them look like younger versions of the originals, when careful and intelligent re-casting could handle the issue quite well? If Spock can be successfully recast, any character can.

Don't underestimate the ability of new actors to take an iconic role and make it their own, while being respectful of the original performances. JJ Abrams just did that not to long ago with a gaggle of iconic characters. Is Disney inherently less creatively capable than Paramount?

Jennifer Lawrence = Leia. Probably get an unknown for Luke (Chris Pine was more or less unknown when he got the role of Kirk). Dunno who for Han, I'd give Michael Rosenbaum a shot at it.

And sure, let's bring in Mara Jade. The actress doesn't need to be a natural redhead of course, so the possibilities are wide open.
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