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Re: Star Wars Episode 7 - 2015

My guess is, Episode VII will pick up more-or-less where the novels are now: A sixty-something Luke Skywalker, training his college-aged son Ben. The Jedi Order has been reborn, but is having a rocky relationship with the Galactic Alliance (the Republic/Empire's replacement). Han's semi-retired and may be dead by the time VII starts (covered in a set-up novel) - if Leia appears at all, it'll be a brief role as a Jedi Council member. Lando's off on the far side of the galaxy raising his family. Chewie's long gone.

In other words, right now we're where Lucas wanted things to be by the time of this new trilogy. Luke, Threepio and Artoo are the only characters left over from the previous films, and only the two droids will make it through all nine films.

The only bit of Expanded Universe I could see getting blown up would be the "Legacy" comic book series, set almost a century after this point. I'd consider that an acceptable tradeoff, especially if the story is what I suspect it is.
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