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Re: life-extension technology in Star Trek (or lack thereof)

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to find out that Worf is about fourteen
There's surely no way they'd let a Klingon teenager on the bridge (if Klingons are adults by fourteen Earth-years old, you'd expect them to behave accordingly. Which isn't exactly "mature", but is at least not "teenager".)
You have to take into account species like the Occampa and the JemHadar, not every species/culture physically and intellectually matures at the "standard" Human rate. Klingons could be actual adults by their mid-teens. Alexander was of adult size (if a bit thin) when a Human of the same age would be of child's height.
You missed the point - Timo was saying that Worf's S1 behaviour could be accounted for by his being, essentially, a kid. My point was that if he's a kid - regardless of his chronological age - they surely wouldn't have him on the bridge (let alone his having been promoted - I'm not sure whether he was a Lt. jg or full Lt in S1, but either way he wasn't at the bottom of the officer tree, and wasn't in a speciality like medicine to have jumped past Ensign on commission). Plus, the Starfleet Academy course is three/four years by itself!

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no way they'd let a Klingon teenager on the bridge

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