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Re: Star Wars Episode 7 - 2015

I'm kind of optimistic. I love the original trilogy, but at this point I'm much more attached to the Star Wars Expanded universe. Heck, a lot of my favorite SW characters (including my top 2) are from the books. Maybe they can just treat it like how the star Trek franchise was treated when the the horrible 2009 ST movie came out. The books stay in their universe (aka current EU for SW) and are allowed to continue like they have been, pleasing fans of that and generating the same amount of money that it has been (and the Star wars EU has apparently been profitable enough to last for decades). The new movies can continue to go were they want to go. That is probably the best solution, it wouldn't alienate any fans, and it would make them money. Disney hasn't really messed with Marvel, another company people were worried about them screwing up when they bought it, so I'm hoping Star Wars doesn't get screwed.
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