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Re: My first voyage with Voyager

Yeah Janeway keeping Suder around is funny on so many levels. You never know when it'll be handy to unleash a serial killer, eh?

The use of Suder was a strong point of this episode. One of the few. I don't like how they chickened out with the Chakotay/Seska baby in the end. That would've been an interesting plot arc to say the least. And some confrontation between Chakotay and Seska would've brought the arc to a closure. Instead she just dies and that's the end.

Oh and Neelix our survival expert leaves Hogan alone and he gets killed, doesn't learn from it and wonders off alone and gets kidnapped, and then proceeds to provoke the natives. Really the whole survival arc just struck me as a filler while the real action happened on the ship. Paris, the EMH, and a serial killer... the Kazon didn't stand a chance.
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