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Re: 15 Reasons JJ "Ruined & Destroyed" Star Trek

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The majority liked it. There's nothing wrong with being the minority opinion.
Exactly. But the "it made lots of money" factoid is simply a tangible piece of evidence that something about this movie excited general audiences and had them telling their friends, and coming back for more viewings themselves.

I can't stand Avatar yet millions of people loved it. But I would never presume to think that those who like Avatar don't have solid reasons.
I certainly enjoyed my time in the cinema with it, and I really don't begrudge people loving it. It did surprise me that the story was essentially a live-action/CGI remake of the animated "FernGully: The Last Rainforest".

I still fail to see how the movie ruined the Star Trek franchise.
It didn't!

Good point. I have always preferred critical acclaimed films over commercially accliamed films. I mean just look at the horror of the Twilight films?

Sure Trek 2009 made money for a Trek film (386,000,000 dollars to be exact) but it still pales in comparison to box office earnings of harry potter or star wars.

I enjoy discussing the films ratings on metacritic and rottentomatoes rather than what box office mojo says about its ticket sales.

Its all about quality not quantitiy.

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