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Re: Disney to Acquire Lucasfilm

He's referring to this thread, which was posted two hours before yours:

Disney buys Lucasfilm for $4 billion in cash and stock.
Which is probably why I couldn't find it in this forum. Seeing as how Lucas is primarily know for SF&F, I thought this forum needed a thread about it.

there is another thread with almost 200 replies already covering not just the next feature film (2015 tentative) but the business aspect of the Disney acquisition.

Star Wars Episode 7 - 2015
Yeah, I got that. Thing is, not everyone with a interest in Lucasfilm gives a shit about Star Wars, and there's nothing in that title that even hints of a Disney connection. I, for one, have absolutely no interest in an "Episode 7", and probably wouldn't ever have entered that thread, had no one since told me that it deals with the Disney acquisition. Seeing as it does, I have no problem with this thread being closed.
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