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Re: My first voyage with Voyager

Basics Part 1 & Part 2

I am back. Sorry for the month off…I went back to Michigan to freeze, go to a family wedding, birthday, and I got the flu from my 7 year old nephew!! Overall, a fun, but sick month!

Okay back to the Basics! Unfortunately I watched Part one a week ago so I will not have a too detailed post, but it will do.

In Part 2 when Janeway tells the crew to turn over rocks and eat grubs on her orders, I really wish she would have eaten a handful right there!

I liked the story line with Seska and her ploy to take over Voyager by reeling them in with the idea of hurting “Chakotay’s” baby. I also liked that they revisited a character from a previous episode and actually continued the plot. Suder is back! In the first part he expresses a desire to do something positive for the crew/ship, and in the second part of the episode he gets to save the day! In doing so he dies, but in a way it is kind of a nice wrap up for his character. It is better than having to play with the plot idea of a crew-member-on-lock-down for murder. Plus, his character gets redemption. I was surprised that Seska was killed. She was a great antagonist, and one of the few recurring characters. I wonder who will be the next adversary??

I enjoy two-part episodes. However, if I would have been watching this week-by-week in 1996 I would have been pissed. Although, I have to admit that I can barely stand to read a series of books if the books have not all been published ( I even waited for Book 7 in Harry Potter before starting the series)! Cliff-hangers suck!...That and I have no patience!

Favorite Part: “Trapped on a planet and you are stuck with the only Indian who can’t start a fire by rubbing two sticks together” ~Chakotay. I laughed hysterically!

Least favorite part: The lava scene where Chakotay helped the trapped Native. The rock she was on, surrounded by lava, would have been so hot that it would have burned her flesh just being on it!! I call major B.S.!
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