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Re: why didnt the voyager crew have tng uniforms

Seven of Five wrote:
I work at a large supermarket, and when we had new uniforms we had signs up for a few weeks telling us of the date of change. I can understand one or two coming to work in the wrong uniform, because that's always going to happen. In GEN it just looked like they wore what they felt like that day.

Obviously it was Casual Friday.
I don't think it was Casual Friday, since I've worked at a major retailer for quite a while, and when the store expanded and the new uniforms were brought in it was done so gradually---new hires, whenever someone ripped their uniform... So Generations just looks like a transitionary time.

I seem too recall that in a number of TOS novels set between "The Counter-Clock Incident" and TMP, a number of authors have described various situations where the Admiralty and star base personnel received the new uniforms before starship crews, so the authors would describe a mixture of the coloured TOS uniforms in with the muted TMP uniforms.
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