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Re: Star Wars Episode 7 - 2015

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No, Disney will just put the movies into "the vault" and only release them for sale every 5 to 10 years.
IF then. Disney has a bad habit of not following through on DVD releases as it is. Anyone who has followed the struggles of fans of 90s Disney shows (Gargoyles, etc) to get the last parts of the series released knows this all too well.

Star Wars just became JAFDF (Just Another Frakking Disney Franchise), there to be milked by the Mouse for income streams.
Yes SW is a franchise that Disney now controls.

From the Disney wikia:
When Disney places a movie in the Vault, it generally allows ten years to pass and then re-releases the movie.
If the video format is no longer a huge money maker they move on to the next format. Which for 90s Disney shows (Gargoyles) will be streaming video. There is a limited market for streaming standard definition 4:3 format video. If it is not 16:9 HD (if not a 35mm film source) then it will probably be lost and not be a franchise to reissue. They will probably just reboot the Gargoyles franchise and produce it in 4k or HD if they feel it will stand the test of time.
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