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Re: If you could own a shuttle, which one would it be?

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Contrary to popular belief TNG blew up the most shuttles. Voyager being second. DS9 was relatively safe in 3rd. Might not have been even 3rd if TOS or ENT ran a full seven years.
As interesting as that is, I think the point was that Rio Grande was the only runabout on DS9 to never crash or get destroyed.
erm didin't the Rio Grande crash in the "The Ascent"?
Yes, but they salvaged it and we saw it afterwards. It ws later used as part of the station's defence in "By Inferno's Light", Sisko took it back to Earth at the beginning of Season 7, and then to Tyree. Odo and the nice Weyound used it in "Treachery, Faith and the Great River" before we saw it as the runabout Sisko took to go to Bajor to face Dukat in the fire caves in final episode.

But on average they lost one Runabout per year. As 3 where only ever stationed at DSN they lost an average of 33% of them per year. Hardly a stellar safety record.
But given that that depends on them having a small group of runabouts, I think it unfairly distorts the results. If the exact same thing happened and they only had 20 runabouts there instead of 3, then they'd have lost 50% - even though the total number and frequency of runabouts lost stays the same.
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