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Re: why didnt the voyager crew have tng uniforms

Chakotay's crew didn't get time to grasp for jack squat from their belongings.

After processing (that welcome peach) they were given quarters.

Here's a question of taste... Were the Maquis wearing dead wo/mens clothes?

Clothing is still gender specific, be a little screwed for choice if you're a boy in a girls room that you might not have the legs for all her Friday night mini skirts.

And what if it just wasn't just their wardrobe, Starfleet issue and personal off duty attire, that these noobs inherited?

What about effects?





Musical instruments?


Or are we to believe that Janeway sealed the 20 to thirty dead crewman's rooms to be returned to the families of the lost crew in 70 years?

It was a random lottery.

On the second or third day, the Maquis must have had a swapmeet/garage/car boot sale as they tried to trade/bartar for clothes that fit and porn that didn't terrorfy them...


but after all that, 4 years later, Janeway says throw everything into the replicator to reconstitute into a new pattern? i mean sure we made you wear uniforms that stank of other people in the beginning because we were conserving replicator energy, but now lets just throw caution to the wind, because it's time for a new suit.
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