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Re: Star Wars Episode 7 - 2015

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On the upside, this opens the possibility of finally seeing the theatrical versions of the OT restored and released. Disney must know there's a market out there for it and they don't have the personal stake in keeping them locked away that Lucas does. Wouldn't that be a treat.
No, Disney will just put the movies into "the vault" and only release them for sale every 5 to 10 years.
IF then. Disney has a bad habit of not following through on DVD releases as it is. Anyone who has followed the struggles of fans of 90s Disney shows (Gargoyles, etc) to get the last parts of the series released knows this all too well.

Star Wars just became JAFDF (Just Another Frakking Disney Franchise), there to be milked by the Mouse for income streams.

Fans of the tie-in material should be doubly worried because Disney is notorious for not caring about tie-ins. Anybody remember when Marvel was a COMIC company that cared about it's core product? There are persistent rumors, for example, that Marvel's comics division is a hair's-bredth away from being shut down, now that the Mouse is in charge.
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