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Re: General Pro Wrestling News and Discussion Thread Part Deux!

I correctly predicted almost every member of the Survivor Series teams. It really winds me up that WWE continues with this "black and white" booking, it's so 1980's...

What I'm talking about is the fact that heels get along with other heels and faces get along with other faces, regardless of their history. Like last night, Del Rio is applauding Punk, despite the fact Punk humiliated him and then took the WWE Championship from him. The impression given, was that Del Rio jumped at the chance to be on Punk's team.

Then you have Randy Orton, Kane and Kofi Kingston on Foley's team. Kingston and Orton weren't exactly the best of friends, Kane and Orton were feuding only a few months ago. Of course, this stuff isn't new, especially in WWE.

Even if one can get past the fact that mortal enemies are suddenly happy to work together, you then come to the realisation that each member of each team has his feud counterpart on the other. Suspension of disbelief doesn't appear to be that important.

Going with the idea that Heyman is a pretty influential guy and wants Punk to reign supreme, he would surely assemble a super team? With Ryback being on the other team, Heyman builds Punk's team with this in mind, so you get:

CM Punk
Brock Lesnar (the secret final member, not revealed until the PPV, Heyman pulls some strings)
Antonio Cesaro
Jack Swagger (making his return, sporting a new look and style)
Wade Barrett
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