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Re: Star Wars Episode 7 - 2015

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The word "Disney" is enough to kill the excitement I should otherwise feel...
True, but shouldn't the words "no more George" balance things out?

Honestly, when I first read about this I honestly thought it was the latest (or earliest?) April Fools joke in history. Can't say as I'm too worried about the supposed new film/trilogy as it can hardly be as lacklustre as the prequels. I mean, yes, Disney is pretty much pure evil these days, but they seem to be able to put out some good live action long as they're not directly involved in the creative side of course.

Wouldn't care to guess what the film will be about, but I'd bet serious money it *won't* have anything to do with the EU. Having said that, wasn't it Lucas's plan at some stage to set the sequel trilogy some 40-odd years post RotJ with Luke in the Yoda/Kenobi mentor role to a bunch of new Jedi he's trained? No idea what the actual plot could be, but I just hope it's not something as predicable as his prize student/son falling to the dark side...
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