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Re: Star Wars Episode 7 - 2015

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I'll believe it when i see it.. 2015 seems too soon for such a huge project.

Star Wars isn't some kind of indie movie you can produce in 6 months.. they are huge and i don't know if they can be made in 2-3 years.
Get ready to be surprised.

I do agree that 2015 seems just a little too soon, and it makes me think they've jumped ahead and announced the project before they'd even started putting any thought into what it will be about. 2016 might be better, but 2017 would be cool because of the fortieth anniversary of the original movie.
This may have been in the works, secretly for years.

Oh man... imagine the nerdrage when all the Zhan trilogy elements are ignored... no Jedi twins, no Mara Jade, no Thrawn.
Unless the story is centred on the Zhan trilogy which would be sort of awesome (fucking amazing).
The time to do the Thrawn story has long passed because all the principal actors are too old now (unless they rewrite the story heavily).

Recasting the iconic three? Huge gamble.. it did pay off with the new Star Trek movie but that's like lightning in a bottle.. extremely rare.

Especially finding a new Han Solo could be tricky.. he brought so much to the role. Now that i think about it.. Nathan Fillion might be open to the role

Well.. 3 years will pass comparably fast and late next year we might get to see first solid shots and story details.
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