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Re: Star Wars Episode 7 - 2015

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You know, there are two things that are more important than new Star Wars films or shows:

1. Lucas now has a huge amount of stock in Disney
2. ILM is now part of Disney.
The second point is obviously important (especially as Disney already have Pixar, and there are real synergies & efficiencies between those 2 divisions to be had), but unless Lucas has some kind of actual position in Disney, I'm not convinced his shares will matter massively.

Disney's market cap bounces around the $100B mark. Lucas is reportedly going to get 40M shares, which approximates to about a 2% shareholding in Disney itself. That's a significant percentage, but not enough to call many shots unless he has some other contractual agreement in place or a specific role in the expanded company. From what I hear Lucas is being retained as a "creative consultant", which could mean just about anything from "figurehead" to "driving force". I suspect "figurehead" will be about it.

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