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Re: 15 Reasons JJ "Ruined & Destroyed" Star Trek

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I personally find those who say "it made a lot of money, get over it" to be more annoying than someone who makes what I feel to be a thoughtful (albet emotional) dissertation of why a movie sucks.

If you want to defend a movie, please try to use some other criteria besides box office receipts. We all know plenty of good movies fail at the box office and plenty of bad movies make money. It's boring to use the "it made money" excuse.

I would argue that the demographic that liked JJ Trek is probably the least capable of defending the movie based on its intrinsic merits and most likely to reach for the "it made a lot of money" excuse.
Your argument would be in error, especially when people in this very thread have given their reasons as to why they like the movie, and many of those reasons are more than just "it made money".
Yeah. Star Trek was a great space opera piece of fun from beginning to end. It gave a starting story for Kirk and Spock that showed how these two so well complemented each other and did it in a non-stop roller coaster ride. No Star Trek movie has given that to the general audience, fun, that's what people pay ticket prices for.

JJ didn't worry about the 'Star Trek Vision Thing', good for him. The TV shows, and the movies labored under that and squelched out any kind of real joie de vivre for being meaningful and came up with stale boring stories. Star Trek under JJ worried about telling a fun story rather than worry about The Vision Thing, and I hope he does so with the next film, too. I am tickled pink to have Kirk and the gang back on screen in fine, fun, larger than life stories.
Exactly. It was fun. It was contemporary while being nostalgic, fast paced while still developing the character traits we all recognize, and it was just a great story.

Now, for this next movie, my expectations are very high, because I've seen the quality that can be produced from J.J., but even if he doesn't meet all of those expectations (very few could), as long as the movie is fun, I will enjoy it.
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