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Star Wars franchise & Disney acquisition

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No, Disney will just put the movies into "the vault" and only release them for sale every 5 to 10 years.
This is worth mentioning but from this point forward the first 6 SW films and the The Clone Wars (2008) film will all be considered as "classic Disney films" in a few years. The
5 seasons of The Clone Wars TV series will just go in the HD television catalog.
All new film/TV product in the Star Wars franchise will get huge marketing campaigns and merchandising tie-ins larger than the previous 6 films starting with the estimated 2015 new SW feature film.
With 50 written episodes for the live-action SW series the SW franchise looked good to Disney to have the ability to do feature films and TV in addition to an animated series if they choose to do so.
With all of the outlets in the next 3 years and moving away from selling physical DVDs & Blu-ray in 5-10 years Disney will want to be able to control when things are available to stream, view on-demand, and download and thus the "Disney virtual vault".

With The Walt Disney Company currently licensing 14 theme parks around the world the ability to add rides and characters to their theme parks from this franchise will keep SW as a strong brand for decades to come.
With retail Disney stores selling all of this new SW and classic SW character merchandise it will bring in a certain revenue stream.

Since Disney owns TV networks such as Disney Channel, Disney XD, ABC, & ABC Family these are all traditional linear TV channel outlets to show new product.

Disney XD mostly airs action-oriented children's television series and movies aimed primarily towards young male viewers aged 6 to 14.
This is where I will expect the next SW animated series to end up. And I will guess it will be rendered at the Pixar renderfarm.
I wouldn't be surprised if Disney XD reaired The Clone Wars tv series in 2016 until the 2nd new film was out.

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I would love a Star Wars Disney musical.
Oh I forgot with the success of the theatre Broadway musicals of The Lion King, Mary Poppins (2011), Newsies that of course Disney would make a musical on Broadway of SW.

I am going to guess that the next SW feature film in 2015 will not be shown as 2:35:1 ratio in cinemas but instead 1.78:1 (16x9) ratio.

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