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Re: Star Wars Episode 7 - 2015

I don't know what to feel. My great love of Star Wars ended some time ago. I am thankful that Lucas came out with EP1 in 1977 and gave an 11 year old Aspie sci-fi super-geek something to get SUPER excited over, but the recent 3 were nothing to write home about (and Jar Jar had little to do with that, quit making him the scapegoat!). In general, concentrations of power are bad things so I am not hopeful.

I am not excited about the idea of a reboot with new younger, fresher, prettier casting and straying from Canon (as the Trek reboot was an abortion).

At the end of the day, all this is, is a money making venture which will give Disney the ability to sell more crap to consumers in their Disney Stores.
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