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Re: Disney buys Lucasfilm for $4 billion in cash and stock.

After they mentioned the Episode 7 in 2015 thing, I kept expecting this to be revealed as a hoax, but it's being covered by all the reputable entertainment news sources. This was just completely out of nowhere, but welcome news nonetheless.

I mean, it makes sense, given Disney's long term collaboration with Lucasfilm with the Star Tours rides and related merchandise, and I can't think of a company better placed to continue and expand on the Star Wars franchise than Disney. I'd especially like to see Pixar get involved in the franchise again after starting out as part of Lucasfilm themselves --the circle is now complete, you could say.

There's endless potential for expansion of the films, TV series, and games (and maybe the seemingly dead live-action TV series might get a second chance) and of the rides and other SW-related entertainment in the Disney parks. I enjoy The Clone Wars series, but this is the first time I've actually been excited about the franchise as a whole for a long time with the prospect of fresh blood being brought in to revitalize things, and some of the yes men that have sat quietly through some of Lucas' excesses either getting their own shot to shine or getting out of the way.

There might be concerns about Disney making the franchise more childish in nature, but that's hard to see considering how juvenile it got in parts of the PT especially --and it was always aimed primarily at younger audiences from the start.

This is actually great news. I hope they stick with their plans for the new Star Wars film(s) (although it seems fairly fast-paced, to be honest, considering they just took over and are already planning a movie in a little over two years). Exciting stuff.
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