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Re: Primeval: Canada

Just finished watching the pilot.

It's shit.

monster hunt + mystery conspiracy.

That's fine.

Connor, from the TOS, shows up, not sure what reality we're dealing with if the massive anomaly alignment that happened at the end of the English series didn't out the entire phenomenon? But he's James Bond and Batman balled up into a supercomposite until the poor bastard talks and then this frakk is just another chipmunk all over again. It's what he said, not how he said it, but Deepthroat Connor is not.

The series lead is supposed to be Tony Stark... But he is woefully underconnected to be a billionaire industrialist, and his accent is jarringly different from what he had on Eureka.

Bringing in a Park Ranger into the fold just because she's pretty?

I suppose that is the most Tony Stark thing that this kid did.

The dinosaurs were fantastic.

Raptor versus pterodactyl.

When they had at each other it almost looked like they were doing it.

Too much set up.

Clueless peons meeting for the first time introducing themselves with some pulp boys own annual backstory... So grating, but they had to rip the band off quick so that everyone can seem cohesive next week.

The saving grace?

Because there was a saving grace... Project Magnet.

Laughed my ass off.

I'd almost believe that that Project Magnet was a failed pitch some one squeezed into this new World because they didn't want their genius to rot.

Nice one "borrowing" off Terminator II though.
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