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Re: Disney buys Lucasfilm for $4 billion in cash and stock.

Fitting, since Disney is already a massive empire seeking to conquer the entire galaxy... and they're now a big step closer. On the other hand, Lucasfilm is probably better off without Lucas in charge.

I'm sure everyone's assuming that the new SW movie will be the start of the long-awaited third trilogy -- Deadline even called it Episode 7, though I haven't seen corroboration of that -- but I'm wondering if it could potentially be something different. Also worthy of note: the Deadline article says they "plan future movies based on the movies’ most iconic franchises," which I assume is a typo for "based on Lucasfilm's most iconic franchises." So this could mean more Indiana Jones without Lucas in charge (potentially a good thing), or... Hmm. Does Lucasfilm actually have any "iconic franchises" other than SW and Indy? I checked their filmography on Wikipedia, and the only other thing they've done that counts as a franchise -- i.e. more than one production -- is American Grafitti. There have been some efforts to get a Willow sequel underway, but I'd hardly call that iconic.
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