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Re: emergency transporter armbands

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I try to rationalize the wearable transporter has having a dedicated, self-contained transporter on the ship somewhere. Otherwise it's ridiculous and stupid. Transporters are huge devices that take up two decks and would requite utterly ENORMOUS levels of power to operate. Even stupider with the device in NEM is that it could transport itself! How the fuck does that work?!
The pin probably left a few of it's guts on Shinzon's ship, hence it being one use only.

As for size, we've seen transporters on shuttlecraft before and we've seen replicators (which I assume use some similar technologies) that fit into small slots on walls. The whole point of the Nemesis dohicky was that the technology was moving forward, getting smaller. Not long ago computers took up entire rooms, but now I'm typing this on my tiny phone.
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