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Re: "Time's Arrow" Line-by-Line

DATA: The Enterprise.

[I'd think Data would think. "Huh, this is odd. Why would Picard send back the bartender in order to recover me instead of Commander Riker, Geordi, or even himself? And if he DID send back Guinan how did she gain enough notoriety to get such an announcement in the paper with this event? I mean she'd had to have been back here for a few days for that in which time she could have easily have found me by other means. It's not logical for this woman to be the Guinan from my time. Her species IS long-lived, maybe it's possible this is the past version of her. None the less I should go investigate and I should most certainly NOT say things to suggest anything is out of the ordinary like talking about starships in front of 19th century persons.]
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