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Re: Disney buys Lucasfilm for $4 billion in cash and stock.

Hilarious Mickey-as-Darth-Vader cartoons flood teh internets in three..two...

Deadline has a developing story here.

When something develops, that will be the place to look.

Gut reaction: this is good news. Say what you like about evil, soulless publically traded corporations, but the profit motive can force them to develop and maintain their creative properties in a sensible and entertaining manner. They usually don't permit one person to go completely off the rails.

That said, Lucas seems to have gotten back on the rails lately with some help from his employees. So I don't see any reason for Mickey to tromp over to the Presidio to clean house with a lightsaber at the head of an army of clonetroopers...

Really, the obvious thing to do now is to let Filoni & crew continue The Clone Wars cartoon into the post-ROTS timeframe with Ashoka as the main character. Keep doing what works.

After that, revive the franchise's faded glory in the movie realm. I guess a prequel do-over would be too much to hope for, but why not post-ROTJ sequel? And yes, they can recast Luke, Leia and Han. If Spock can be successfully re-cast, anyone can. (Line up Jennifer Lawrence as Leia right frakking now. As for the guys, no idea, but I have this strange hunch that Michael Rosenbaum would astonish us all if given at crack at Han.)

Live action TV is the hardest nut to crack. Lucas' idea to ape the Deadwood style is not the way to do it, though.

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