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Re: TNG: The Persistence of Memory by David Mack Review Thread (Spoile

Read it - went for above average.

Very much a Mack book, the infiltration section at the end reminded me a bit of Warpath and as with most of his books it has a very military feel at times which did mean that the very fantastical TOS story of an immortal man who was once Leonardo felt even more out of place here than it did in Immortal Coil.

That said the Enterprise focused storyline was good, a nice balance of action and character even if a lot of the main cast barely got a look in. The Breen felt a bit one note though here - somewhat generic shock troops.

sequences were mainly interesting, offering a different perspective on the Federation and recent events though some of it dragged - mainly the casino stuff. It also added another conspiracy going on in the background that we previously knew nothing about.

As for the two major talking points

Looking forward to the next two books though.

I know this is a spoiler thread but I've used spoiler tags just in case, hardly anyone would have read it yet after all.
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