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Re: MLB Offseason 2012

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I would like the Giants to resign Pagan, but I doubt that will happen.
I wouldn't classify Pagan as a goner just yet. They desperately need a corner outfielder (and if they don't bring Pence back, they need two), given that there's no way Cabrera's getting re-signed, for obvious reasons (which is likely for the best, since he'll almost certainly have a massive regression next year -- that .379 BABIP is a complete aberration).

My guess is that Sabean will do pretty much what he did in 2010, which is overpay to bring back as many of the same pieces as possible. If that's the case, I don't think they'll bother chasing someone like Michael Bourn, but I guarantee they'll test the market for Hamilton and Swisher and hope that it turns out more lukewarm than expected. (Although I'm thinking that the Mike Ilitch Money Cannon gets aimed at Hamilton this offseason.) Pagan could still be in the mix, depending on what happens with Pence.
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