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Re: Red Dwarf series 9 (or is it 10?) in 2012 confirmed by Craig Charl

Anyone else a little disturbed by the fate of professor sexyupsidedownglasses? Finally another human being after who knows how many years (and not knowing what happened to the resurrected Red Dwarf crew), and she's blown out an airlock. And Lister moves on in a matter of seconds? He may be a slob, but I'd think the last human would've been more concerned about the only other actual human around, NOT being around. An almost Futurama-esque disdain for human life, no?

Also, I think she would be the first actual human in the future time frame of the series who wasn't resurrected by nanites, infected and subsequently killed by some virus or whatever, or from some another dimension or time. Only she and Lister were in stasis for 3M+ years and survived..? Funny how little was made of that notion, but then again Lister doesn't seem all that worried about much these days besides getting Kochanski back.

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Oh, I like that Trek thing too...
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