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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

Different Destinations (Farscape) - This...was not a great episode. I'm not a huge fan of time travel stories anyway (there are some ones I like, but also a lot I don't) and this one wasn't terrible, but just mediocre. There were a lot of annoying character moments in this (Jool is rapidly challenging Jar jar for the title of "Character I most want to see die". She was really bad in this episode. Stark was also annoying, but he still hasn't reached Jar jar/Jool's level. The nurse killing the general and condeming herself and everyone there (from that time) to death by doing it was just stupid. What really annoyed me was when she threatened John. Sure, he was trying to help the general escape, but it was the nurse who doomed everyone by killing the guy, it wasn't John's fault. I did like when Chiana and Rygel are in Zhaan's room, and neither of them can bring themselves to take any of her things. That was a nice moment. Overall, I didn't hate this episode, but its not a time travel story I enjoyed.
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