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Re: LCARS input

Actually I quite like using the LCARS interface I made for my computer application. It uses the classic LCARS design with 1/3 of the screen above the bar and 2/3 below with the controls on the right and when needed it has a sub form that uses the left facing horseshoe pattern inside the lower 2/3. I have a moving record of user actions in the top 1/3 and It seems to run well on an android phone. The key is to make use of the shoulders-bars and make everything function and accessible - which isn't hard with OnClick, OnMouseOver, etc.

A sanitized version is shown here:

But entering user input is something that can't be easily done without a mouse. Like entering text by your hand, changing dates, etc. This is only for the browsing of existing data. Clicking on the 'Controls' buttons on the right makes an overlay with additional options for each record row. Clicking "Form Utilities" opens an overlay with some export to 3rd party options.

I have some ideas on how best to do it with only a touchscreen, but I was hoping their was some source material to go back to.
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