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Re: NBA 2012-13 Discussion

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I used to love watching hoops growing up, but have lately had little interest until playoff time. For whatever reason, I'm fired up for it again this year.

How awesome would a Heat-Lakers final be?
Do the Spurs and Celtics have anything left in the tank?
Are the Knicks for real?
Are the Thunder here to stay?
When will Rose be back for the Bulls?

Lots of good story lines this season.
I too am excited for the Season to start, probably because the NHL is in such a crappy state. Of course whenever a sport starts it's season, I look forward to it, but for someone who lost interest in the NBA quite a bit (due to some factors like the Warriors sucking or some players with a me me me attitude), I'm looking forward to the season getting going.

Don't know what to expect from the Warriors this year. I hear they have improved but we'll see. The key is for Curry to stay healthy (Which is hard for him to do) and hopefully they can get a bottom seed. Of course if I listen to everyone else, we're heading towards a Lakers/Heat finals, but I hope not.
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