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Re: Star Ship Polaris

I sent the complete model over to Dennis last night. Note that I said "complete," not "finished." I'm going to deliver one last update by the end of this week to finish optimizing and cleaning up a few remaining objects and possibly add a couple of greebles I just haven't gotten around to.

I'll post a few final renders over the next day or two, then I'm going to run a set of high-res orthos and use them to do some paintovers as a general guide to whoever textures the model.

While Dennis and the gang are working on the Polaris conversion, I may take some additional time to detail out the lander module and the interior of the lander docking bays for the scenes in which they are required. I'm also working on some design sketches for the engineering section, which will be visible as a backdrop in one scene, and maybe the interior of the EVA pod bays, though I don't intend to model those myself.

It's been a fun ride but I have to admit I'm glad this leg of the journey is finally done. I want to thank Dennis for giving me the opportunity to participate in this project. I also want to thank David Nielsen, a.k.a. Aridas Sofia, for originating the Polaris design and letting me run with it. I can hardly wait to see it in action.

I will, indeed, be returning to work on Grandeur fairly shortly, but I have a couple of real-life issues I need to deal with first. I should be back at it in earnest within 2 or 3 weeks.

Moving on!
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