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Re: Stargate SG-1 - First time viewing of whole series

1x19- There But for the Grace of God: When this episode opened with the team arriving inside a building I feared my disc had been repressed with Tin Man. I had an issue with The Nox, so thought it might have happened again. Turned out things were fine. I was wondering when I'd see a "Mirror Universe" type episode. It's a sci-fi staple. However, it seems that this episode is more Prophetic in nature, or as much so, than purely alternate universe(which it still is). I thought if I had one issue with the story is that it took Daniel over half the episode to go, "this seems to be an alternate universe from my own"

1x20- Politics: This episode felt very fluid and organic given that not only have they addressed an attitude from "higher ups" about the lack of advanced tech returned but it is a government installation. I like that the line item for SG command is "Area 52", nice touch. I'll need a shirt with that on it I think. I like that actor Ronny Cox was the asshole Senator determined to shut down "Area 52". The nod to Independence Day was nice, "...sure we'll just send up a ship and upload a virus to the mothership." While the episode ends with our Cheyenne complex essentially shut down I'm curious to see what happens next episode to reverse our fortunes. Or if the armada arrives that soon.
An observational point here was that this was largely a flashback filled episode. Having also just recently finished MacGuyver they did that once a season there as well. Coincidence at this point? RDAnderson influence? He's not producer till later in the show right?
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