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Agent Richard07
James Bond 50th Anniversary Blu-ray Set

I broke down and got Bond 50 on Blu-ray. It's the boxed set with all 22 official Bond movies in two hardcover booklets.

I don't like buying complete collections that will become obsolete in a year or two due to additional movies being released, but this time I figured… what the hell. I've avoided buying the movies because I didn't want the other boxed sets they offered before, and even though the movies are now available individually, I didn't want to shell out tons of money cobbling everything together before they go out of print. Bond 50 was the easier way to go. For now. On one hand it was probably short sighted because I'll most likely get these movies again in some form. But on the other, I finally have all the official movies and the collection itself looks great. Every disc has its main Bond Girl next to the sleeve and they did a excellent job of making a custom menu for each movie. There are only two exceptions. Quantum of Solace didn't get a Bond 50 menu and the vacant sleeve for Skyfall doesn't have a Bond Girl next to it. In fact, I'm wondering if they'll make a Bond 50 disk for Skyfall. I doubt it, but who knows. The boxed set released in North America, from what I've read, is also lacking an unedited version of Casino Royale as well as the documentary Bond Girls Are Forever, which was released with the Casino Royale 2-Disc Deluxe Edition. Doesn't matter though since the documentary keeps getting re-edited every few years with each new movie. The set is loaded with other bonus material though, supposedly 119 hours worth, and what little I've seen is in standard definition. I wish the set included Never Say Never Again and the two earlier versions of Casino Royale since MGM seems to have the rights to those, assuming I've heard the convoluted story right. Oh well. I'll have to find them individually. Never Say Never Again won't be easy since it looks to be out of print and those selling it are charging a lot.

Anyway, I look forward to watching at least Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace before Skyfall's North American release.
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