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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

83. Alex Cross: A-
84. RockNRolla: B-
85. Paranormal Activity 4: B
86. Argo: A+
87. Skyline: F

This movie is just out right horrible. Who read this screen play and thought money should be behind it? Once made how was the decision bypassed to send it DDVD not made? About half way through I kept thinking surely a payoff would come that made some sense, it didn't. It's one of those where after the ridiculousness of the finale with a main character happens the movie just ends. Did some suit think this was a good cliffhanger? That this concept screamed franchise. Let's revisit this with altered main character and the alien struggle in a sequel?Even still the audience has to care about the "heroes" to begin with. Sooooo so, so, so bad.
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