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Re: Once Upon A Time - Season 2 Thread

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But Emma can tell when people lie and Emma knows Regina doesn't love Henry. Except that now she plainly does. Seems close enough to a character rewrite to me that it's hard to know what else to call it.
I think you're either misremembering or misunderstood something. Regina's loved Henry since the first episode.
In the first or second episode, when Emma was still planning to leave Storybrooke, she directly asked Regina if she loved Henry. There was no character to speak to, but she immediately canceled her plans and took a room at Granny's (where she first saw Gold, who was collecting from Granny.) She clearly found it necessary to stay precisely because Regina did not love Henry. Emma's need to save Henry was her motivation for pretty much the entire season.
I guess I should add that Henry needed saving only because Regina didn't love him, therefore could not be a good mother to him, despite her keeping to public standards for physical care and comfort.

Vendikarr, I thought some of the backstories were in the book but Pinocchio was a kid who couldn't realistically be expected to know the backstory. Of course, the sudden importation of realistic standards about what a character could be expected to know in-universe doesn't necessarily apply to a fantasy. That's an SF thing. So, you may be right.
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