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Re: 15 Reasons JJ "Ruined & Destroyed" Star Trek

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I personally find those who say "it made a lot of money, get over it" to be more annoying than someone who makes what I feel to be a thoughtful (albet emotional) dissertation of why a movie sucks.

If you want to defend a movie, please try to use some other criteria besides box office receipts. We all know plenty of good movies fail at the box office and plenty of bad movies make money. It's boring to use the "it made money" excuse.
What's boring is the belief that a movie which was a hit with critics and audiences needs defending.

I would argue that the demographic that liked JJ Trek is probably the least capable of defending the movie based on its intrinsic merits and most likely to reach for the "it made a lot of money" excuse.

The movie enjoys a 95% rating on These are critics that make a living turning movies inside out in order to find something to gripe about. The majority liked it. There's nothing wrong with being the minority opinion. I can't stand Avatar yet millions of people loved it. But I would never presume to think that those who like Avatar don't have solid reasons.

I still fail to see how the movie ruined the Star Trek franchise. Before the movie, Trek was D-E-A-D. It was so dead that Paramount didn't even bother celebrating the 40th anniversary. How can you ruin what was already a lifeless corpse?
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